Project Description

Rameshwar Broota believes that photography as a creative medium is as engaging and involving as painting. He uses the digital medium as a means to express his vision that could be part fact and part fiction.

Integral to the language of straight photography that repudiates the idea of cropping, the black box is claimed by Broota for an altogether different purpose. It appears as a deliberate marker of pictorial space, defining the field of visual engagement determined by the artist in no uncertain terms. Space as defined by creative agency rather than the film frame as a marker of non intervention by hand, is central to the way Broota engages with photographic constructs. Often left as an expanse of white or black against which a figure appears either cropped or floating freely; un-tethered by gravity, the space is not an indicator of absence but rather, a dense matrix that becomes an arena for the display of the body.

– Shukla Savant, In the First Person: Photography as Self Introspection