Project Description

Broota gradually shifts his focus from outward concerns to looking inwards. Simultaneously he acquires an almost monochromatic palette to suit the philosophical turn of his introspection.

“His art was now centered on Man and his existential angst…The emphasis from the external beauty of the male torso and its perfect contours gradually shifted to transmutations and an inner conflict, with Broota’s ‘man’ facing the ambivalence of body and being, spirit and matter, fragility and resilience. With trepidations of age, time, death, and disintegration, one encounters the growing presence of male vulnerability in Broota that pushes his heroic (male) to often acquire an anti-heroic position.

His self-invented blade techniques of nicking and erasing for endless hours created the atmospheric depths and effects from which the male body is made to emerge – stoic, x-rayed, fossilized, frozen in time and space.”

– Roobina Karode, Visions of Interiority: Interrogating the Male Body