Project Description

Broota creates surreal dialogues by using distinct images and juxtaposing them into a carefully edited and perfected vision.

Engaging the medium and the subject, Broota has photographed his own body almost obsessively, capturing its palpability, the breathing pores of his skin, the feel of its wholeness with focused attention on the parts, especially areas if connectedness and disjuncture. Despite its precision and realism, Broota has never captured the body as an object of display but as a subject nuanced with its perplexity and inherent complexity. For him, the sensual and the grotesque, strength and fragility, growth and decay all have been engaging aspects of the human (male) body that he has been preoccupied with for decades also through his painting.

– Roobina Karode, This End to the Other

  • Between the Lines

    Between the Lines
    42 x 63in, 2010

  • Cutting Edge

    Cutting Edge
    38 x 59in, 2010

  • From One End to the Other

    From One End to the Other
    40 x 60in, 2010

  • Untitled-56

    34 x 50in

  • Miniatures in memory-1-35x52-2010

    Miniatures in memory-1-35×52-2010

  • Miniatures in memory-2- 23X58

    Miniatures in memory-2- 23X58

  • Nature Tapestries-2

    Nature Tapestries-2
    39 x 59in, 2010

  • Nature Tapestries-I

    Nature Tapestries-I
    39 x 59in, 2010

  • No dog no elephant no mouse-43x58-5-2009

    No dog no elephant no mouse-43×58-5-2009

  • No man no horse  no parrot  42x77-2010

    No man no horse no parrot 42×77-2010

  • No man no horse  No Parrot-2

    No man no horse No Parrot-2

  • No road-block ahead-40x60-2009

    No road-block ahead-40×60-2009

  • Reaching Out

    Reaching Out
    53 x 80in, 2010

  • Shifting Sand

    Shifting Sand
    39 x 59in, 2010

  • tactile Spaces, Textured Grounds-50x75-2010

    tactile Spaces, Textured Grounds-50×75-2010

  • The Feel of Touch- 3

    The Feel of Touch- 3
    39 x 59in, 2010

  • Untitled-31,-45x60-2009


  • What lies beneath-2

    What lies beneath-2
    34 x 70in, 2010

  • What lies beneath-I

    What lies beneath-I
    34 x 70in, 2010

  • Where does the Ganga Flow

    Where does the Ganga Flow
    34 x 59in, 2010