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Broota Ranked Second Most Successful Indian Artist Alive

Rameshwar Broota rose to second spot on the "Hurun India Art List 2020” that ranks top 50 living Indian artists by the sale of their works sold at public auctions in the year ending 31 December 2019. The list is based on data by Artprice, the world’s largest compiler of art statistics.

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Broota’s artwork one of the top 3 sales of OSIAN’s Auction

Rameshwar Broota’s artwork titled “Queue”(year 1970-1, Oil on Canvas, 69.7 X 48.4 in) was one of the top three sales of OSIAN’s auction “Creative India Series 2 – The Punjab & Delhi” at 8,760,000 INR (168, 462 USD.) Also sold on a premium was a rare set of etchings completed during a brief period of experimentation with print making.

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