The Hindu: Capturing the Man-nature Relationship Through Lens

Veteran artist Rameshwar Broota explores the relationship between human beings and nature in his ongoing exhibition at Vadehra Art Gallery in Okhla Phase I here. The 69-year-old artist has tried to give every minute detail in his intricately textured pictures. Broota's metamorphosis into a photographer is bound to be another lesson in art history for artists who study under him at the Triveni Kala Sangam. He has been Head of the Department at Triveni since 1967.

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This End to the Other – Exhibition of Photographs

Veteran artist Rameshwar Broota returns with a new series of photographs collected and developed in his own unique technique, over a period of four years. The exhibition titled “This End to the Other" will be on view at Triveni Kala Sangam from 13th to 21st February and thereafter at Vadehra Art Gallery in Okhla from 6th to 13th March.

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TOI-The Crest Edition: From Blade to Computer

Photography, it was said, would kill painting. But what happens when an artist starts painting photographs? Not with brush and colour but camera and MacBook Pro. For the last one year, Delhi artist Rameshwar Broota has traded the easel for pixels. “I stopped using the brush in the ’80s and turned to the blade,” he says. His technique of applying several coats of paint and then scratching out figures with a blade earned him the epithet of Blade Runner. But of late, he’s been burning the midnight oil in front of his 30-inch computer screen, turning photographs into images that are nothing like the ones he clicked.

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